The Gwich’in Curriculum Development Team’s original intent was to develop one course that encompassed the Gwich'in political history (traditional practices, land claim, self- government) and the second on interpersonal relationships (mediation and conflict management). However, after the application was submitted to ECE, the Team met the challenge when ECE suggested that they design five courses instead of one as they thought the course was a wonderful idea that may actually be better served if it was broken down into several courses. The Team re-assembled and re-designed their course to meet the curriculum guidelines for the region and came up with the following five courses:

  • Gwich’in Cultural Studies (3 credit course)
  • Celebrating our History, Our Land, Our Culture (On The Land Course – 1 credit)
  • Legends, Stories & Cultural teachings (1 credit)
  • Family History through Genealogy (1 credit)
  • Introduction to the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim [GCLCA] (1 credit)

The courses are currently being piloted in Fort McPherson and Aklavik and is also offered in Inuvik. The curriculum is being offered to all senior high students, not just Gwich’in. Once the student has completed the main 3 credit course along with at least two of the other electives (1 credit courses) , they will receive a Certificate showing they completed the course.

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