The Gwich'in Tribal Council has four sub-organizations which help deliver programs and services at the local level in the Gwich'in communities of Fort McPherson, Tsiigehtchic, Aklavik and Inuvik.  Each DGO (Designated Gwich'in Organization) elects a President and Council from its enrolled membership.

Tetlit Gwich’in Council

TETLIT ZHEH (aka Fort McPherson)

Fort McPherson is a community of approximately 950 people, the majority being of Gwich’in ancestry. Fort McPherson sits on the banks of the beautiful Peel River overlooking the majestic Richardson Mountains. Located 187 km of Inuvik, it is surrounded by beautiful birch, spruce and pines trees, the fresh waters of the Peel and well protected land.

Fort McPherson is a strongly knit community; supporting all traditional and cultural values and is the home land of all the Gwich’in. 
Treaty 11 was signed on July 28, 1921 on the banks of Fort McPherson by Chief Julius Salu and his headmen. Today the community still honours the signing of the treaty as it provides the Gwich’in rights to education and other benefits. On April 22, 1992 Fort McPherson was the host community to the signing of the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement with the Canadian Government, marking this as an important day in Gwich’in history.

Tetlit Gwich’in Council
PO Box 30
Fort McPherson, NT   
X0E 0J0
Ph: 867-952-2330   
Fax: 867-952-2212
President: Leslie P. Blake

Gwichya Gwich’in Council


Tsiigehtchic – which translates in the Gwich’in language as “at the mouth of the iron river” – was formerly known as Arctic Red River. The name may refer to the iron or mineral deposit found in the soil further up the Arctic Red. The community was the first Loucheux (Gwich’in) Indian band to sign Treaty 11 in 1921.

Gwichya Gwich’in Council
PO Box 58
Tsiigehtchic, NT   
X0E 0B0
Ph: 867-953-3011   
Fax: 867-953-3018
President: Julie-Ann Andre

Ehdiitat Gwich'in Council


Aklavik is located on the Peel Channel of the Mackenzie Delta, approximately 100 kilometres south of the Beaufort Sea. It was the administrative centre of the Western Arctic before Inuvik was built in the late 1950’s.

Ehdiitat Gwich’in Council
PO Box 118
Aklavik, NT    
X0E 0A0
Ph: 867-978-2340   
Fax: 867-978-2937
President: Michael Greenland

Nihtat Gwich'in Council


Inuvik is situated on the East Channel of the Mackenzie River, 120 km south of the Arctic Ocean and 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. It was built by the Federal government to replace Aklavik which was subject to annual spring flooding and offered little space for expansion.

Nihtat Gwich’in Council
PO Box 2570
Inuvik, NT 
X0E 0T0
Ph: 867-777-6650   
Fax: 867-777-6651
Acting President: James B. Firth

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