Co-Management Boards

Gwich'in Settlement Corporation

The Gwich’in Settlement Corporation (GSC) was established for the benefit of future generations of participants to the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (GCLCA). The purpose of the GSC is to manage the capital transfers (also known as the ‘Settlement Fund’) between 1992 and 2007 from the Government of Canada as outlined in the GCLCA.

As of July 2020, the value of the Settlement Fund is in excess of $130 million.  This includes portfolio investments of over $111 million, an investment in the First Nations Bank of Canada and loans provided to the Gwich’in Development Corporation (GDC) since 1995. Investments have been made by the GSC to create a reasonable return to grow the Settlement Fund over time.

From interest earned on the portfolio investments, annual distributions are made to the Gwich’in Tribal Council (GTC), Designated Gwich’in Organizations (DGO’s) and Renewable Resource Councils (RRC’s). From the annual distribution made to GTC, funding is provided to the following organizations:

  • Gwich'in Wellness Fund
  • Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute
  • Gwich'in Education and Training
  • Gwich'in Enrolment Board

The Board of the GSC is comprised of two (2) representatives from the Gwich’in Tribal Council and one (1) representative each from the Nihtat Gwich’in Council, Ehdiitat Gwich’in Council, Tetlit Gwich’in Council and Gwichya Gwich’in Council. Meetings are held every quarter with a presentation made to beneficiaries at the Annual General Assembly.

The Board members are as follows:

  • GTC Representative: Kristine McLeod
  • Nihtat Gwich'in Council Representative: Vacant
  • Tetlit Gwich’in Council Representative: Leslie P. Blake
  • Gwichya Gwich’in Council Representative: Mavis Clark
  • Ehdiitat Gwich’in Council Representative: Danny Greenland
  • Student Scholarship Position: Ashley Ens

The Chair and Vice-Chair positions are to be determined at the next GSC meeting in Fall 2020.


Gwich'in Development Corporation

The Gwich’in Development Corporation (GDC) is 100% owned by the Gwich’in Tribal Council and was created shortly after the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement was signed in 1992. By forming partnerships with experienced companies who have an interest in resources and opportunities existing within the Gwich’in Settlement Area, the GDC has proven to be successful in the competitive economy by combining outside expertise and technology with traditional knowledge and experience of geography and culture.

GDC Website


The Gwich'in Renewable Resources Board (GRRB)

The Gwich'in Renewable Resources Board (GRRB) was established under the guidance of the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (GCLCA) to be the main instrument of wildlife, fish and forest management in the Gwich'in Settlement Area (GSA). The powers and responsibilities of the Board are detailed in Chapters 12 & 13, Vol.1 of the Agreement.

The GRRB is the main instrument of wildlife, fish and forest management in the Gwich’in Settlement Area. The Board acts in the public interest, representing all the parties to the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Settlement – the Gwich’in, the people of the Northwest Territories, and all Canadians.

The GRRB will consult on a variety of topics, including limitation of harvest, setting Gwich’in Needs Levels, approval of management plans, advice to government, making decisions on commercial harvesting, setting research priorities in the GSA, and more.

GRRB Website



The Gwich'in Land and Water Board (GLWB)

The Gwich’in Land and Water Board is a regulatory authority established under the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement and given effect by the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act to provide for an integrated and coordinated system of land management in the Mackenzie Valley of the Northwest Territories.

The object of the Board is to provide for conservation, development, and utilization of the land and water resources in the Gwich’in settlement area in a manner that will provide the optimum benefit for present and future residents of the settlement area and the Mackenzie Valley and for all Canadians.

GLWB Website


The Gwich'in Land Use Planning Board (GLUP)

Provision for the Gwich'in Land Use Planning Board was made through the Gwich'in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement in 1992. Soon after the Land Claim was signed, the Planning Board operated as an interim board until it was officially established by the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act in 1998.

The Planning Board developed and will implement a land use plan for the Gwich'in Settlement Area. In following the principles outlined in the Land Claim and the Mackenzie Valley Act, the Planning Board developed a land use plan that provides for the conservation, development and utilization of land, water and resources. The plan is particularly devoted to the needs of the Gwich'in, while considering the needs of all Canadians.

GLUP Website

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