Gwich'in Operating Philosophy

Accountability: we shall set and publish clear goals and regularly report on progress and financial performance.

Adaptability: we are able and willing to adapt to a changing environment.

Collaboration: we share our resources, expertise, time and energy.

Commitment: we will work hard every day for the Gwich'in people.

Cooperation: we will treat everyone with respect.

Diversity: we make decision with the greatest respect and support of differences.

Honesty: we will mean what we say and never be untruthful or deceptive.

Integrity: we will follow high standards of behavior and always put the interests of the Gwich'in people first.

Knowledge: we will build and preserve our traditional and modern knowledge and make decisions based on a thorough understanding of the matters before us.

Leadership: we will listen, inspire and empower each other.

Solidarity: we will work together in open constructive ways respecting each other's viewpoints but standing behind our group decisions.

Transparency: we will conduct our business in an open manner; we will report on all aspects of our operations regularly; we will respond fully to questions from participants on a timely basis.

Trust: we will be trustworthy and keep our word.

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