Seeking Gwich'in Candidates for Arena 2020

ARENA (Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy) is seeking nominations for Gwich’in candidates in the ARENA 2020 program. This is an excellent professional development opportunity for people working in, or interested in, renewable energy and resources.

In 2017, the Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) pilot program1 brought together 17 individuals from three Arctic states and three Arctic Permanent Participant organizations for a combination of training, mentoring and site visits. There was great feedback and learning from the program, and we are excited to deliver another one.

ARENA-II was approved at the September 2019 SDWG meeting2 to support a second cohort focused on sustainable energy solutions for remote Arctic communities. For 2020, we are seeking 2 to 3 participants from each Permanent Participant in addition to nominations from Arctic Council Member States and Observer Nations.

For more information please visit or email

To apply, please visit:

Application Deadline: February 15, 2020.

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