Registering as a Gwich'in Participant

We have been receiving many inquiries regarding registering as a Gwich’in Participant in accordance with the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (GCLCA). In order to register, please contact Jonean Greenland ( or 867-678-5270). She will provide you with the form to apply for registration.

There is a formal process that involves GTC receiving the completed application,  information checking, review by the GTC Enrollment Committee and ultimately, applications that meet criteria are confirmed with a Resolution of the GTC Board.  It is important that we follow the process;  new applications will be received and processed in accordance with these established protocols.

There is a rush of new applications to ensure that families can be included in specific Covid-19 funding programs; in an effort to assist this process, GTC will forward the names of the new applicants to the relevant Community Designated Gwich’in Organization so that they might be included in the total numbers for funding applications that are tied to registration under the GCLCA. We hope that this assists eligible but non-registered Participants to access specific funding sooner than later.

Take care and we wish your families well!

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