On The Land Collaborative - Call for Applications

What is the NWT On The Land Collaborative?

The NWT On The Land Collaborative (the Collaborative) was created in 2015 to promote and support on the land initiatives in the NorthwestTerritories. There is a lot of interest in on the land programming in the North because it contributes to the health of the land, the people, communities, and economies. However, running these programs can be a lot of work; communities and organizations often have to apply to many different places to access the funding and support they need.

The Collaborative brings together government, charitable, corporate, and other
partners to combine efforts and make it easier for communities to access money
and resources for on the land projects.

Who are the NWT On The Land Collaborative Partners?
 Tides Canada
 Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.
 McConnell Foundation
 NWT Recreation and Parks Association
 Indigenous Leadership Initiative
 Government of the Northwest Territories
 Dominion Diamond Corporation
 Health Canada
 TNC Canada
 The Gordon Foundation

Participating Indigenous governments include:
 Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
 Gwich’in Tribal Council
 Tłįchǫ Government
 Akaitcho Territory Government
 NWT Métis Nation
 Dehcho First Nations

Who is eligible to apply for a grant from the Collaborative?

The Collaborative accepts applications from individuals, organizations, and
communities. We do NOT accept applications from:
 For-profit initiatives (or projects for personal gain)
 Communities or organizations from outside the NWT
 Political or partisan initiatives
 Federal or territorial governments

What kinds of projects receive support the Collaborative?
The Collaborative is committed to respecting local expertise and supporting projects that meet local priorities and goals. To this end, we have deliberately kept our criteria broad, placing few limitations on eligible projects or the application process. We want you to be able to create and implement projects that make sense for you.
When making funding decisions, the Collaborative prioritizes projects that:
1. Get people out on the land;
2. Connect community members to their territories, cultures, languages, and
3. Build or strengthen partnerships;
4. Enhance community capacity; and
5. Are sustainable.

Over the past two years, we have supported 70 projects across the NWT. These
include a land-based community justice program in Fort Smith; a 5-week language and culture immersion program on the Horn Plateau; a traditional medicine project in Teetł'it Zheh (Fort McPherson); a healing program for the homeless in the Tłįchǫ; a hide tanning camp in Łutsel K’e; a land-based training program for youth in the Sahtú; and a 10-day overland trip beginning in Tuktoyatuk.

How do I apply for funding?
One of the goals of the Collaborative is to have an application process that is simple and easy for you to complete. Community Advisors, Funding Partners, and the Collaborative Administrator are available to answer any of your questions, talk about your project ideas, and help you through the application process.

Applications are available from Community Advisors, the Collaborative Administrator, and on our website (www.nwtontheland.ca ).

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