Gwich'in Leadership Work Together at Self Government Facilitated Session

INUVIK (March 29, 2018)  From March 26-28, 2018, the Gwich’in Tribal Council Executive, Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief, including Designated Gwich’in Organization (DGO) Presidents and councillors, and representatives of Chiefs and councils of the Indian Act bands in the Gwich’in Settlement Area (GSA), met in Inuvik to review the Gwich’in Self Government Agreement in Principle (AIP) and associated negotiating process.

The workshop provided Gwich’in leaders with an opportunity to review challenges and opportunities related to negotiation of Self Government arrangements with the Government of Canada. A consensus emerged from the meeting on two broad points.  These are that both ensuring strong Gwich’in communities and collaborating together as part of the Gwich’in Nation are important elements of the path forward for these discussions.  Workshop participants reached broad consensus acknowledging that strong community governments will be an important foundation for a strong Gwich’in regional Self Government and of the need for participants to consider how community institutions under Self Government will relate to a Gwich’in regional government.

The group also reached consensus that it will be important to obtain adequate resources to negotiate effectively, and to undertake visioning workshops and consultations in communities that will result in leaders being better able to chart a course forward on how Self Government will be approached for Gwich’in.

“The workshop provided us an opportunity to think and discuss together about what our challenges are in negotiating Self Government.”, said the Gwich’in Tribal Council Grand Chief Bobbi-Jo Greenland-Morgan, “By sharing our perspectives we reached a greater understanding of why it will be important to have strong Gwich’in communities and to determine the best ways for these communities to work together as part of the Gwich’in Nation.”

According to the Gwich’in Tribal Council Deputy Grand Chief Jordan Peterson, “This was an important workshop for understanding the challenges and opportunities we face and the strengths we have as a Nation. We look forward to working with our Treaty partner, the Government of Canada, to ensure that we have adequate resources to support a successful negotiating process which meets the needs of our communities and the Gwich’in people overall, and allows us to work effectively together as a region, whatever that may look like for each community.”

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