External Scholarship and Bursary Information

In unprecedented times like these scholarships and bursaries are more important than ever for post-secondary students. This is a very effective way to bring in more income for students for the next school year. This external scholarship and bursaries list is not an exhaustive list by any means but is meant as a starting point for students.

Any alumni who are aware of further scholarship or award opportunities please add to the list below (the sheet is public and editable) or let the Career Development Officer (CDO), Anna Leon (Anna.Leon@gwichintribal.ca) know.



Some ways that the CDO can assist you in applying for scholarships and bursaries:

  • Proofreading essays
  • Going over an application with you and making suggestions
  • Assist you in finding additional scholarships and bursaries not listed

Some ways in which the CDO cannot assist you:

  • Submitting the applications for you
  • Writing the applications for you
  • Guarantee your eligibility for a specific scholarship or bursary


Please note: External means the scholarships listed are not associated with GTC Education and Training in any way.

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