5 Diamond Empowerment Fund Scholarships

The Diamond Empowerment Fund was established in 2008 to assist youth in the diamond mining communities of the World. This fund is now available to youth living in the Northwest Territories and the Kitikmeot region of Nunavut.

The Diamond Empowerment Fund has been established to give back to the communities that are within the geographical location of diamond mines. The fund has been established to assist youth in seeking additional training and/or education in:

Vocational training (for example, trades training, skills training)
Entrepreneurial training for setting up businesses 1 Aboriginal Business and Entrepreneurial Training (BEST); Management Studies; NABE program (6 week entrepreneurship Hilary to follow up); Maker Space; working to a business plan.
Post-secondary education 1 high school students entering first year must provide letters of acceptance (Areas of Interest, STEM, health care and mental health, addictions counselling)
Funds can cover traveling and accommodation costs and should be detailed in the cover letter.
The fund shall be made up of five $5,000 scholarships based on the following eligibility requirements:

Applicants must:

  • Be resident of the Northwest Territories or the Kitikmeot region of Nunavut;
  • Be between the ages of 18 to 30 at the time of application;
  • Submit a cover letter explaining the need for a scholarship and the career project he/she wants to undertake
  • Provide two references (either a teacher, former employer, band counsellor). Please note references from family members will not be accepted.
  • Provide letter of acceptance to vocational, entrepreneurial or post-secondary education or training.
  • Attend full time?) or e-learning opportunity
  • 70% on TEE, 70% overall average, proof of attendance
  • Transcripts

Date for awarding: September 2019
Advertising: July
Receive and Review: August
Application deadline: August 15, 2019

Submit Applications to: Hilary Jones, General Manager, Mine Training Society gm@minetraining.ca or fax to 867-765-0446

Application Review:
Applicants are reviewed by the scholarship committee comprised of the Diamond Empowerment Fund and the Mine Training Society.

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