3 Intern Positions (3-year terms) - Gwich'in Internship Pilot Project (GIPP)

Project Background

The Gwich’in Internship Pilot Project (GIPP) is a coordinated effort by the Gwich’in Tribal Council (GTC), the Government of Canada (GOC) and the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) (the “host organizations”) to enhance the skills of Gwich’in participants through on the job training. The goals for this project are to increase the participation of Gwich’in participants in the territorial and federal government workforce, to build stronger ties between treaty partners and governments, to implement the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (GCLCA), and to build high-level institutional capacity at the GTC. Gwich’in participants will be provided with capacity building opportunities, practical work experience, a greater understanding of the public sector, and preparation for future opportunities within the GTC. The placements will be enhanced with formal and informal learning, as well as mentoring opportunities.

Project Overview

The GIPP is an innovative new training and development project that will contribute to the conditions that lead to healthier, more self-sufficient, and prosperous Gwich’in communities through the creation of valuable capacity building opportunities.

* The GIPP will provide training and on the job experience for nine Gwich’in participants of the GCLCA.

* Three individuals will be selected annually for three years to participate in three year-long full-time employment opportunities through paid work assignments.

* Each participant will secure an internship placement within each governing institution: their first work placement will be at the GTC, the second at the GOC, and the third at the GNWT.

* GTC positions will be located in Inuvik and positions offered by GOC and the GNWT will be offered in various locations depending on participant interest and position availability.

* Participants will be paid a base salary, which will be based on the successful applicant’s education and experience, throughout the three years of work; commensurate northern benefits will be provided for all positions located in applicable areas.

* Participants will be required to find their own accommodations for each placement location; the GTC will provide support services to aid participants in finding suitable accommodations.

* Financial assistance will be provided to all participants to facilitate transition between each placement.

* During work placements, all existing policies of the host organization will apply.

* The GIPP will enable the GTC to employ trained and experienced staff to implement its land claim agreement and to operate its governance institutions.


Each participant will complete three one-year placements, which will begin September 1st through August 30th. Placements may include work in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to, jobs in human resources, finance, communications, and lands.

Support and Training Provided to Participants

Throughout the duration of their placements, participants will be provided with a support structure and various learning opportunities. They will build a support network with their peers, mentor, placement supervisor, and the Project Coordinator (PC), as well as access to resources through each organization’s employee assistance programs.

* The PC will maintain regular contact with all participants throughout their participation in the program. Best efforts will be made by the PC to facilitate a positive work experience for each participant.

* The Parties commit to providing a workplace orientation for each placement, along with training specific to operational processes as required (i.e.: briefing notes, Microsoft Office, email, etc.).

* Training may be tailored to participants, and may include on the job training, classroom courses, and specific learning events.

* Participants will be allocated a certain amount of financial assistance dedicated solely to training in each work placement, as per the policy of the host organization.

* A long term individual learning plan will be developed at the beginning of the program, and subsequent individual plans will be developed at the onset of each placement in collaboration with the work placement supervisor. The PC will ensure coordination of each participant’s learning plans.

* The supervisor of each placement will be expected to supervise and support their participants, as per their regular duties and the organization’s commitment to the project.

* Each participant will be assigned a mentor at the beginning of their first year in the GIPP, who will provide support throughout the duration of the three year program.

* Mentors will meet regularly with participants to provide moral, professional, and other support as needed. Mentors will submit updates at least twice per year to the PC on the progress of the participant.

* The PC will coordinate a meeting between the mentor, supervisor, and participant at the end of each placement to debrief the past year.

* Best efforts will be made to convene a meeting of all candidates each summer to review professional experiences and to evaluate the progress of the program.

Participant Expectations

Participants will be expected to relocate to Inuvik (if necessary) by the start of their work placement with the GTC; they will also be expected to relocate during their second and third placements with the GOC and GNWT to work at the regional offices. Work placement locations are flexible and will be based on participant interest and availability by government and department.

Participants will be expected to work with a learning partner, such as a mentor and workplace supervisor, and they will be expected to participate in learning and on the job training, during normal work hours, Monday through Friday.

Application and Acceptance Procedures

Individuals interested in participating in the GIPP are encouraged to submit a completed application package to the Project Coordinator. This opportunity is open to all registered participants of the GCLCA. A minimum of 2 years’ relevant work experience in the desired field of work, and the successful completion of post-secondary education are required. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. After completing the interview process, successful candidates will be notified and provided with further information.

The deadline to submit an application is 14 April 2017.

Application Checklist

Please complete and submit the following:

o Application Form

o Cover Letter

o Resume (CV)

o Three References (Name, Title, Organization, Telephone Number, E-mail Address)

Application forms can be found on the GTC website at www.gwichintribal.com or requested by phone at (867) 777-7900.


Contact Information

Sheena Snowshoe, Human Resource Officer

Gwich’in Tribal Council

P.O. Box 1509 Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0

Phone: (867) 777-7900 Fax: (867) 777-7919 E-mail: jobs@gwichin.nt.ca


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